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Cashback. What is it and how to use it?

Cashback is a loyalty program in the form of bonuses for completed rides.

To check the balance and expiration date of the cashback, you need to go to the main menu (three bars in the upper left corner), chose 'Payment and promo' section, tap the 'Cashback'. An information window will show the up-to-date information about cashback.

For each Standard and above class trip you earn 5% cashback including additional options and paid downtime. Cashback can be used to pay the full cost of the trip by selecting it as a payment method. Cashback payed rides do not have bonuses but the validity period will be extended. After 90 days without trips, 10% of the cashback burns out, after another 7 days -30%, after another 7 days - the remaining 60% of the cashback.

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Cashback. Why isn't credited it and how is activate?

In order for the cashback to be credited, it must be activated. To activate cashback, open the side menu -> 'Payment and Promo' -> 'Cashback'. Opposite the “Cashback” item “Not activated” is displayed. Click on this button and on the cashback page click 'Activate'. After that, a field for entering an email address appears. Enter your email address, confirm it through your browser by following the link. After successful confirmation, cashback will be activated.

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Promo code. How do I use a promo code?

A promo code is an additional discount on one or several rides. When you want to use it, go to the Menu->Payment and promo->Add promo code, enter the promo code, and press “Done”. If you entered the code correctly, you will receive a promo code validation notice. When the promotional code is activated, the discount will be automatically applied to your order.

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Promo code. When does it the expire?

Each promo code has an activation period and expiration date. All information about the promo code is indicated in its description. If you have added a promo code into the application, the period for using the sum of this promo code will be indicated in the application.

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Promo code. Where can I get the it?

You can find a promo code in your mailings, get one from your friends, or in social networks on the official page of the taxi service. Also you may find promo codes on billboards and public transport in your city.

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Payment card. How can I it add to the app?

In the upper-left corner of the screen, you will see the Menu. Go to the “Payment and Promo” tab and select “Add a card”. Enter the required data and press “Add a card”. The card has been added! You can also add a card when you create a new order by pressing “Add a card” when you choose a payment method. Payment processing and security of card data storage are guaranteed by security certificates of our financial partner

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Payment card. Why was I charged ₴1 when it added?

When adding a card, the payment service provider verifies the availability of your card. That’s why you are charged ₴1. After the verification is complete, ₴1 is transferred back to your card.

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There was no ride, but the money was charged. What should I do?

When you create an order, the sum for this ride is blocked on your card for further payment. However, the reserved amount of money is charged only in case the ride has happened, and the order status is “Done”. If the ride is canceled, that sum on card balance is unblocked, and the money is not charged. You can see that on the card balance. Funds are usually unblocked immediately, within a few minutes. But sometimes, it may take from 2 up to 11 banking days to unblock the funds. It depends on the bank.

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The driver didn’t give any change. How do I get it back?

If you faced such a problem, you need to contact the Support Service (in the mobile application, the item 'Menu' -> 'Support Service') and provide details of the ride. After the circumstances have been clarified with the driver, a recalculation and return of the required amount of money will be made for the specified ride.

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Order related questions

Additional option 'Driver'. What it is?

Additional option “Driver” will help you to transport you and your car to the specified address. Another name for this option is “Sober driver”. It is needed when for some reason, you cannot get behind the wheel of your car, then you can select the additional “Driver” option when placing an order. In the comments, you need to specify brand, model, and the transmission type of your vehicle. Our driver will take you to the required address in your car.

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Wagon. What it is?

A wagon is a type of car that has a large and roomy trunk. You can choose this car class if you need to transport some cargo, for instance, or several bags.

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Trip report. How do I receive it.

To receive a ride report, you need to add your email address to your profile and then confirm it following the link that was sent to the specified address. After that, enable the 'Trip report' option in the Menu, in the settings.

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How can I order several cars at once?

After placing the first order, you need to go to the Menu, select 'New order' option, and continue making orders.

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I have lost an item, how can I return it?

If you have lost an item in the car of our service, you need to contact Support - go to the Menu and then Support in your app . The Support operators are going to contact the driver to clarify if the lost item is in the car. If the driver has your item, you will get it back.

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General issues

How may I contact Customer service?

In order to inform the customer support service about the problem, you need to select the item 'Menu' -> 'Support' in the app and write your feedback. We would like to note that all requests from users are recorded, the timing and content of responses are regularly checked by service managers.

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Rating. Why is it lowered?

We have a two-way rating system. After the order is complete, the trip is evaluated by both the passenger and the driver. If you receive a low feedback, it will affect your rating.

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Low rating. How can I improve it?

If everything was fine during the trip, there were no conflicts, but as a result, you got low feedback, you can contact Support and prove the feedback is unfair. The quality control department will deal with this situation and take appropriate measures to fix the rating.

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I can’t see the car on the map. What has happened?

The reasons may be driver’s problem with GPS or outdated coordinates. To determine the reasons more accurately and to eliminate them, please provide our Support with detailed information about the trip.

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Geolocation. Why can there be problems with it?

There are several factors that may affect location accuracy:

Weather. As the signal travels between the Earth and the satellites, bad weather, such as rain and storm, may weaken the signal, while in sunny and cloudless weather the signal will be better.

Buildings and structures. We live in cities full of tall buildings, that may affect the signal because buildings reflect it.

Phone location. We do not hold the phone in our hand all the time. In most cases, we put it in a pocket or bag, which may also reflect the signal. In this case, metal containers impact the signal mostly.

Network. Most phones receive location information through the network. If the network is low, location information cannot be obtained quickly.

GPS chip. If it is damaged, the phone may only receive location information through the network, which will make the accuracy worse.

We recommend turning location search to 'all sources' in the device settings.

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